Meet Trey Carmichael

Trey Carmichael has been in business in one way or another since he was a child from hustling kids in the hallway with candy to selling drugs in high school.

He eventually found his way into legitimate business and kicked the drugs after being given the opportunity to work with Kyler Gifford on his Real Estate business. He was able to secure him the #1 spot on Google for San Marcos Realtor, San Marcos Real Estate, and San Marcos Real Estate Agent which allowed Kyler to become the #1 producing agent in his new office.

This also allowed him to take the foot off the pedal with his marketing when he had his son and cemented Trey's passion for the industry.

From there Trey went on to do everything he could to create experience in a wide range of industries and build a top notch network of people who are working to amplify a positive message while prioritizing results for their clients and community.

After securing keywords across various industries Trey was called to step in as Operations Director or into a Consulting Role for various Marketing Agencies where he was able to help the owners documents their processes more effectively, automate everything they could, and then hire on the proper Virtual Assistance team to support the efforts.

In his nearly a decade in the marketing space Trey has now served hundreds of people and businesses directly or indirectly, has published 3 books of his own, and had his story featured in the international best seller "You Can Overcome Anything" by his close friend Cesar Espino.

He is also the host of Under the Crown.